"I feel nothing
I feel everything.
I don’t know which is worse." - 2 am thoughts (via brokenboob)

"Life is incalculably bigger than that." - . (via magnificentruin)

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"Don’t call me more than once, you hear me?
When you do, I’ll hear it ring and I’ll let it go.
Don’t forget to leave a message. Breathe
so the static catches onto your lungs and
makes that silvery rasp I love.

Tell the silence you need me. Tell it you’ll be fine
if I don’t need you back. Tell it you remember
the way I smoked like everyone was watching,
like every kiss was the one before quitting.
Tell it you miss me. Tell it you’re not lying.
Stop when the beep sounds." - Ramna Safeer, Instructions For Him (via larmoyante)

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I was so disappointed…
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(via Camille Rochette by Guillaume Kayacan | NOWEAR LAND)
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“You,” he said, “are a terribly real thing in a terribly false world, and that, I believe, is why you are in so much pain.”
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